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Who We Are

Learning Resource Network is an awarding body creating qualifications for educational institutions, independent learning providers and employers. LRN is recognised for its portfolio of international English qualifications for those who want to provide evidence of their English Language skills for their professional or personal development. These qualifications are internationally recognised as providing proof of the skills and abilities required by educational institutes, professional bodies and governments. LRN offers its customers qualifications that are easy to deliver, cost effective and user friendly.

With our global development, we can now offer qualifications in Business and Education and Training alongside our well know ESOL qualifications. In producing our qualifications the project team drew upon the experience and expertise of academics, professionals working in the pertinent industries and colleagues with a wealth of practice and knowledge of validation, verification, delivery and assessment.

Why LRN?

  • Accessible
  • Global recognition
  • Assured quality
  • Flexibility

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